Digital online training

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Digital online training (or e-learning) provides a wide range of benefits for businesses with the foresight to invest in it. Here are just a few of them:

Evidently, the advantages of e-learning for employees underpins the growing need for digital transformation in the workplace. Training and development should be at the forefront of employee development strategies.

Quality is key to maximising the benefits of e-learning investment

One of the often-claimed benefits of e-learning is that it is highly cost-effective. But that’s only the case if it’s done right.

If the e-learning courses you provide are boring and unengaging, it doesn’t matter how much money you may have saved creating them. If it isn’t having a measurable impact, then it isn’t worth the investment. In fact, many of the benefits of e-learning can be lost entirely if the solution itself isn’t high-quality.

For many businesses, e-learning can be a fast, budget-friendly way of delivering critical training to their workforce. But delivering quality, as well as speed and value, is key to making the most of your investment.

At System Concepts, we know that with the right approach, high-quality, effective e-learning is within the reach of every business.

We have developed our own unique SCORM compliant e-learning framework which can be customised to meet clients branding guidelines and has a range of rich interactive screen types available.

For lower-budget and/or quick-turnaround projects, we have a process in place to build courses using Articulate StoryLine 360 which is an off-the-shelf software package used to create rather more basic content that is fully SCORM compliant.