Vehicle ergonomics

Improve driver wellbeing

Our vehicle ergonomics specialists help you improve the wellbeing of your drivers. Their guidance promotes a good driving position that reduces unnecessary discomfort and back problems.

Examples of how our vehicle ergonomics consultants can help

  • Provide expert recommendations on vehicle ergonomics.
  • Identify the most suitable vehicles for your operation.
  • Reduce musculoskeletal problems amongst your workforce.

Which vehicle is best?

While vehicle manufacturers are constantly improving their designs and offering greater adjustability and a host of driver features, it can be difficult for companies to identify a suitable and ergonomic vehicle for their drivers.

Arrange a vehicle ergonomics assessment

Employees who spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel, or those who are experiencing discomfort when driving for business, will benefit from a vehicle that is set up correctly and compatible with their size and shape.

Our consultants conduct vehicle ergonomics assessments, informing your vehicle selection decisions for your fleet of company and lease cars, or for an individual who is experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort associated with driving.

We carry out systematic driver and vehicle assessments using our body and risk assessment checklist that covers driving posture, seating adjustments, positioning of steering wheel, pedals and gear stick, manual handling in and out of the car, mobile working from the car and work scheduling.

Our expert reviews and assessments are inclusive, practical and cost effective – and customised to fit your requirements. Reports are presented in an easy-to-use format, with clearly prioritised action points.

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