Consumer product and service design

Enhance the customer experience

Applying ergonomics principles can add value throughout the product and service design process. Our ergonomics and usability consultants use their knowledge and experience of people and how they behave, to optimise product and service design, and enhance the user experience.

Examples of how our consumer product and service design consultants can help

Conduct expert ergonomic reviews and assessments.

  • Ensure that best practice and relevant standards are met.
  • Improve product and service design.
  • Enhance the customer experience.

Expert reviews and assessments

Our product and service design experts will help you evaluate your products, prototypes or mock-ups against relevant ergonomics and accessibility standards and best practice guidelines.

We add value by applying our understanding of people and how they work, their capabilities and their limitations, to make your products and services more comfortable, productive, accessible and efficient.

Our assessments consider the variability of the target population, including age, physical size (height, reach), strength, cognitive ability, experience and training, motivation, cultural expectations and goals.

Our expert reviews and assessments are inclusive, practical and cost effective – and customised to fit your requirements. Reports are presented in an easy-to-use format, with clearly prioritised action points.

User testing

Testing your product or service with your users is an invaluable part of the design and development process. From virtual reality headsets to cordless vacuum cleaners and mobile phones, our user testing will identify usability problems and highlight ways to improve the users’ experience.

Early and regular user testing helps you to identify and fix problems. Our ergonomics consultants carry this out at our user testing facility in central London, or on-site, capturing video footage to evidence user behaviour.

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