Our ergonomics consultants help optimise your operations

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Home worker ergonomics

Our expert consultants can help your employees adopt good ergonomic practices at home with our practical tips and tailored advice, provided remotely.

Hybrid working

Guidance for when your people are working from home, the office or a hybrid of the two.

Industrial ergonomics

Our consultants help clients to better recognise, evaluate and control ergonomics risks.

Office ergonomics

Our consultants use a structured, evidence-based approach to improve your working environment, equipment and tasks.

Retail & banking ergonomics

Our consultants can help optimise staff efficiency and customer service levels.

Consumer product & service design

We can help you optimise your product and enhance the user experience.

Training we deliver

Discover expert ergonomics training for your people.

Vehicle ergonomics

Our vehicle ergonomics specialists help you improve the wellbeing of your drivers.

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