Digital accessibility

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Better accessibility means better usability

Making your website and digital products more accessible will drive better usability too: so all your users benefit. And with our expert insights to accelerate the process, your business can simultaneously meet its legal responsibilities under the Equality Act, while winning valuable competitive edge.

Specialist consultants with detailed knowledge of ‘WCAG v2.0’ to ‘WCAG v2.1’

We help high profile clients like Amadeus to rapidly enhance product and service accessibility. With consultants specialising in digital accessibility, we offer a unique blend of skills and capabilities, including detailed knowledge of assistive technologies, WCAG v2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and international usability standards.

Practical and cost-effective accessibility consultancy

Armed with this expertise, our experienced consultants deliver actionable and cost-effective advice at every stage of the design and development cycle. From digital accessibility audits and accessibility testing with real users, to developing accessibility guidelines and training, you’ll find our approach flexible and effective. We share knowledge to rapidly embed accessibility into your company’s thinking.

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