Health and Safety software solutions

Technology that simplifies audits and inspections – and slashes paperwork

audits and inspections software on devices

Automate and optimise audits and inspections with our smart web app

Is your organisation seeking audits and inspections software to bolster regulatory compliance? We’ve used our health, safety and ergonomics expertise to create a smart, easy to use and cost effective web app solution.

Tailored to your regulatory compliance needs

Our team tailors our flexible audit and inspections software to meet your specific regulatory compliance needs, making it uniquely effective. It means you can achieve compliance while cutting a swathe through organisational paperwork, streamlining admin, and saving a huge amount of employee time.

Gather evidence and build transparency with our audits and inspections software

You can inspect, audit and maintain records of all your building and staff related legislative obligations, using our web app. Accessible via any device and with offline capability, our cloud-based software delivers full transparency, featuring:

  • date and time stamped activities
  • information sharing
  • evidence gathering
  • tailored analytical reports.

Technology + Experience = Benefits

Our wide ranging industry experience has been built-in to our compliance solution. So in addition to providing smart, up-to-the-minute audits and inspections software, we know exactly what you need to comply with the law.

This powerful combination of technology and experience delivers tangible business benefits. It’s already being used to manage our audit programme across EY’s national property portfolio.