Usability Testing

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The key to good design 

Testing your product or service with your users is an invaluable part of the design and development process. It will identify usability problems and highlight ways to improve the users’ experience.

Early and regular user testing helps you to identify and fix problems. This in turn helps increase conversion rates, reduce development time/costs and create greater customer loyalty.

Tailored approach to user testing

Talk to us about your requirements, budget and stage of design, and we will tailor our approach to meet your needs. You may work using agile development and require low-cost, quick turnaround insights, or you may need large scale international user testing. You may only have design concepts or low fidelity prototypes, or you may want to test a functioning prototype or launched website. Whichever it is – we can help.

Expert user testing consultants

We’re used to running tests with lots of different types of users, from tiny tots to silver surfers, and shopping addicts to hedge fund managers. We can do this at our two purpose-built usability labs in Central London, at your office, remotely, or in the users’ own environment.

Our expert consultants tailor how we present findings and insights back to you, according to how you will use them. So, whether you need a detailed user testing report, an executive summary, an infographic or a customer journey map, our researchers and designers will deliver exactly what’s needed.

A toolkit of user testing approaches & techniques 

Approaches include:

  • Moderated in person
  • Moderated remote
  • Unmoderated remote

Techniques include:

  • Task based approach
  • Summative testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Tree testing
  • Diary study

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