Office ergonomics

Improve your office environment

Our experienced office ergonomics consultants use a structured, evidence-based approach to improve your working environment, equipment and tasks.

We add value by applying our understanding of people and how they work, their capabilities and their limitations, to make your office work spaces more comfortable, productive, accessible and efficient.

Workstation ergonomics

Examples of how our office ergonomics consultants can help

  • Conduct DSE (computer workstation) and workplace assessments.
  • Support your users in competently self-assessing and making their own ergonomic adjustments to their workstations using our Ergo-app.
  • Conduct noise or lighting environmental assessments.
  • Provide ergonomics-based procurement advice for office furniture and equipment.

DSE workstation assessments

Risk assessments for display screen equipment (DSE) users and workstations are a legal requirement in the UK. Our qualified workstation ergonomics consultants (holding graduate and master’s degrees in ergonomics, occupational therapy and physiotherapy) provide clear, practical advice, so you can address any issues quickly and cost effectively.

We bring specialist office ergonomics knowledge and experience, and can advise on the needs of people with a range of health conditions, as well as those with motor, hearing, visual or neuro-diverse disabilities.

Our expert assessments are inclusive, practical and cost effective – and customised to fit your requirements. Reports are presented in an easy-to-use format, with clearly prioritised action points.

We base our advice on the UK’s Health and Safety Executive Display Screen Equipment Regulations, industry best practice and international ergonomics standards – which we helped develop.

Our workplace ergonomics app

Our workplace ergonomics app is used to train employees to correctly set up their working environments, whether they’re working in the office, at home or on the move.

Available in Android and iOS versions, the app includes practical steps to optimise working posture. It can be fully customised to meet your organisation’s office ergonomics requirements, and can incorporate your logo and branding.

Workstation ergonomics application

Environmental assessments

A poor working environment can reduce employee efficiency and lead to both short and long-term ill health, representing a significant cost to your business through accidents and absenteeism.

Noise at work can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Our qualified noise consultants provide a range of scalable noise assessments (including taking measurements and providing practical advice), assistance writing noise policies, help setting up noise control strategies and noise awareness training. Please visit our Workplace noise assessment page for more information.

Good lighting at work is essential to allow people to see (and avoid) hazards more quickly and easily, and to see and read more comfortably to prevent symptoms like eyestrain, migraines, headaches and sick building syndrome. Our specialist ergonomic consultants can help you assess whether the lighting design is suitable and safe for the type of work being undertaken, and assist you to manage the risks attributable to lighting in the workplace.

Office ergonomics procurement advice

Choosing your office furniture, technology and equipment, and planning your office layout is a costly and important decision. Our office ergonomics consultants are well positioned to provide you with procurement advice for office equipment to ensure an ergonomic working environment. We’ll help you evaluate your designs, plans, prototypes and mock-ups against relevant ergonomics standards.

This short-term investment will ensure that the items you procure will be suitable for the tasks that are done and will fit and suit the widest range of people; promoting efficiency, comfort and safety to save money in the longer term and help you avoid costly procurement mistakes.