Industrial ergonomics

Maximise operational safety and efficiency

For manufacturing and production processes, following industrial ergonomics principles boosts productivity and protects employee health and safety.

Our ergonomics consultants deliver practical industrial ergonomics training and work closely with industrial and production engineers in numerous industries, from pharmaceuticals and electronics to automotive and food processing. With our help, clients are equipped to better recognise, evaluate and control ergonomics risks.

Ergonomics consultants

Examples of how our industrial ergonomics consultants can help

  • Carry out ergonomics risk assessments of industrial workstations/tasks.
  • Help to identify and reduce ergonomics risks, including awkward postures, repetitive actions and excessive forces.
  • Workload assessments and job rotation advice.
  • Assist in the design of industrial workstations.

What do ergonomics consultants do?

Applying an understanding of people and how they work with a structured, evidence-based approach, ergonomics consultants optimise working environments to improve wellbeing, productivity and efficiency.

Industrial ergonomics training

Our two-day course in industrial ergonomics provides the skills and tools to make simple and effective improvements in industrial environments.

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, our training emphasises hands-on problem-solving methodologies to recognise, evaluate, and control ergonomics risk.

We train delegates in validated assessment methods and tools to assess repetitive tasks, manual handling, pushing/pulling and awkward postures. Our training is based on authoritative Health and Safety Executive guidance and our extensive experience of applying ergonomics principles in industry.

Our consultancy services

Failure to apply industrial ergonomics principles to manufacturing and production processes and workstations not only reduces productivity, but also jeopardises your employees’ health and safety.

We work closely with industrial and production engineers in a variety of industries, from glassware and electronics to automotive and food processing. Our consultants can help you tackle musculoskeletal disorders, productivity and wellbeing issues in the workplace.

We use validated tools such as ART (Assessment of Repetitive Tasks), MAC (Manual Handling Assessment Charts) and RAPP (Risk Assessment of Pushing and Pulling) as well our extensive expert experience.

Our expert assessments are inclusive, practical and cost effective – and customised to fit your requirements. Reports are presented in an easy-to-use format, with clearly prioritised action points.

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