Retail and banking ergonomics

Improve the customer experience

Working with our clients, our retail and banking ergonomics consultants can help optimise staff efficiency and customer service levels. This is done through ensuring the design of the equipment and store layout is safe, comfortable and efficient, whilst conforming to standards, regulations and best practice guidelines.

We help clients like RBS and Nationwide to think differently about what they do, and how they do it. Our retail and banking ergonomics specialists can work closely with your team, tailoring their approach to your needs, timescales and budget. You’ll gain clear, usable and cost-effective recommendations and on-going advice.

Examples of how our retail and banking ergonomics consultants can help:

  • Conduct expert ergonomics assessments.
  • Advise on and optimise branch layouts.
  • Ensure best practise and legislative compliance.
  • Reduce ergonomic risks to staff and customers.

Expert reviews and assessments

Choosing your furniture, technology and equipment, and planning your store or branch layout is a costly and important decision. Our ergonomics consultants are well positioned to advise you on retail and banking spaces, ensuring an ergonomic and accessible working environment and client-facing space. We’ll help you evaluate your designs, plans, prototypes and mock-ups against all relevant standards and best practice guidelines.

We can also test products and services with users to identify and fix any problems.

Retail and banking ergonomics and accessibility assessments

Reducing ergonomic risk will ensure you are meeting your legal obligations whilst also meeting your staff and customer needs. Our highly skilled and chartered ergonomists are experienced and trusted advisors for retail and banking environments.

We can complete full ergonomics and accessibility audits and risk assessments of a range of workstations and equipment used by staff and customers. These include: bank counters; retail checkouts; refrigerated chiller cabinets; self-service equipment; and teller cash recycler units. We can also carry out physical and digital accessibility audits of premises and websites.

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