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Design thinking brings UX research insights to life

An important part of our strategy at System Concepts is to approach all of our challenges creatively. We explore depth, richness, and complexity before applying our specialist UX design skills to create adaptable and proportional real world solutions.

The Ergonomics Companion: iOS, Android and web app providing on-the-go support and advice for setting up your workstation safely wherever you are.

Better together

We believe in collaborative, evidence-based design where everyone plays their part in keeping the user at the centre of the solution.

Isometric illustrations: Bespoke scenarios visualised to provide interactive training for Health & Safety professionals.

Our UX design team has wide experience in a diverse range of industries, and can apply a variety of visual techniques that take our research findings to new heights. We’ll help you investigate and decipher complex issues, communicate ideas and generate excitement to cultivate innovation across your organisation.

Research = Design = Research

From simple sketches, wireframes and high-fidelity mock-ups to fully interactive prototypes that bring everything to life, our UX designers have the expertise to demonstrate and enhance research recommendations to help you explore new ideas.

High-fidelity interactive prototyping: Bringing research findings to life for testing in the real-world.

Our creative team can provide inspiration and creative direction, working independently or collaboratively with your design team to visualise the future of your products and services.

infographic re screen use
Infographics: Making statistical facts and figures easy to digest and easily shareable

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