Hybrid working

Covid-19 has created a revolution in how and where we work.  The move to a flexible working model means the worksite, the physical space in which employees work, could be the home, the office or a hybrid of the two.

Examples of how our ergonomics consultants can help:

  • We develop bespoke e-learning to reflect your hybrid working policies and arrangements. We will use our expertise in workplace ergonomics, health and safety legislation, and best practice to design a customised training solution that delivers compliance in a practical, focussed way.

(alt="Lady working at her desk at home with advise on how to sit")

  • Carry out individual assessments. We have developed a comprehensive hybrid worker risk assessment that evaluates the employees’ working environment, setup, equipment/furniture used, and working practices. Our assessment is fully customisable, can include your logo or additional questions to address any specific requirements you have, links to internal policies, guidance documents etc.
  • Our workplace ergonomics app can train employees to correctly set up their working environments, whether they’re working in the office, at home or on the move. Available in Android and iOS versions, the app includes practical steps to optimise working posture. In addition, the app can be fully customised to meet your organisation’s office ergonomics requirements and can incorporate your logo and branding.

System Concepts Ergonomics app on laptop and mobile

Further information

You can read more information on hybrid working, including the legal and moral obligations to protect the health and safety of employees wherever they work, and the positive effect on wellbeing and productivity using good ergonomic practices delivers for hybrid workers.