User Experience Workshops

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Enhance your team’s work, with in-depth UX workshops

We offer a wide range of UX workshops to extend your team’s thinking and support its success. Led by our experienced UX consultants, these bespoke events draw on our wide ranging expertise, providing powerful and innovative ways to tackle your specific challenges.

Gain the edge with proven UX techniques and methodologies

You may want to spend some time stepping into your customers’ shoes, maximise the value of user research insights, create and critique new ideas, or build and test prototypes. Whatever your UX goals, we start by listening hard, to really understand the requirement. Then we choose from a plethora of tried and tested UX techniques and methodologies, to create enjoyable, engaging, and above all productive UX workshops.

4 Key UX workshop themes

The scope of our bespoke UX workshops is huge, so we break them down in to 4 key themes: Exploring; Understanding; Imagining; and Making. Each of these can span a range of aims and methods, giving you options and helping you get the most from your workshop.

1. Exploring

These workshops are all about helping your team step into customers’ shoes. Together we’ll consider user research insights, visualise customer behaviour, and gain inspiration to better meet customer needs.

  • Typical techniques used include: Business Objectives Review | Problem Tree Analysis | Personas | User research

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2. Understanding

‘Understanding’ themed workshops are all about making sense of UX findings, and deciding which ones to act upon.

  • Typical techniques used include: Concurrent Analysis | Affinity Clustering |Impact / Difficulty Matrix |Bullseye Diagramming

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3. Imagining

Ideas are the name of the game in our ‘Imagining’ UX workshops. Together we’ll create and evaluate lots of ideas, bringing the best ones to life and communicating them as stories.

  • Typical techniques used include: Crazy 8’s | Abstraction Laddering | Creative matrix | Frankenstein Design

4. Making

‘Making’ workshops are invaluable when deciding what ideas to take forward. We can create prototypes for you and feed user research insights into these workshops, helping your team to map its next steps.

  • Typical techniques used include: Bullseye Diagramming | Visualise the Vote | Prototyping & design | Features & Functionality Matrix
5 day Google Sprints

woman attending informal ux workshopsUsing Google Venture’s tried and tested sprint methodology, our consultants can help you condense months of internal discussions around your ideas and concepts into a 5 day workshop.

We will work closely with your team to plan the sprint, incorporating business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more. The goal is to create a concept, refine it, design, prototype and test within a 5 day period.

This approach is an excellent way of pushing new ideas forward quickly within your organisation, and gathering immediate feedback from end users to help you make key business decisions rapidly.

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Enjoyable and productive UX workshops

If you’re looking to develop your UX team’s perspective, or to make progress on a new challenge, our bespoke workshops will help you move forward. Our consultants ensure you benefit from enjoyable and productive sessions, that get to the heart of your UX issues.