Physical accessibility

People, regardless of disability, should be able to gain access to buildings and use facilities and products.

We have expert consultants in physical accessibility who can help support you to create accessible and inclusive products and physical environments.

Examples of how our physical accessibility consultants can help

  • We can conduct a physical accessibility audit of your building or external environment against Part M and K of the building regulations and BS 8300.
  • With access to a global database of anthropometric data, we can advise you on design solutions that will satisfy the majority of the user population.
  • We will provide you with practical design solutions and suggestions for how you can make your products, services and spaces more accessible whilst maintaining the essence of your branding and company ethos.
  • We can work with you to provide accessibility strategy consultancy to ensure that you embed accessibility into the heart of your business practice.
  • We have helped clients from a range of sectors improve the physical accessibility of their premises and facilities, including sports grounds, banks and shopping centres

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