User Research & Insights

user research sceneUnderstand your users to gain that creative spark

User research early in a design process provides you with valuable insights into your users’ behaviours, needs and desires. We identify and highlight these insights in a detailed report, a high level summary or something more creative, and then help you translate them into new and engaging experiences.

Getting involved with user research

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We involve your team in the research so you can walk in the shoes of the people you are designing for. You can come along to see users interacting with your product in their own environment, during ethnographic research; track diary studies as research participants make entries; provide design support in participative design workshops; or simply sit back and relax in our purpose-built observation rooms whilst we run in-depth interviews with your users.

We deliver user research for any product, wherever you are, whoever your users

User research doesn’t have to hold up development, or cost the earth – we’ll work with you to identify the best approach for your project. As you can imagine, our user research expertise includes experience across multiple digital platforms and channels, so whatever type of product or service you need support with, we can help.

We have experience recruiting a diverse range of people, including people with disabilities, children, teenagers, older people, expert software users (such as hedge fund managers, travel agents, banking staff) and everyone in between.

The right techniques for your challenges

Our UX consultants draw on their own and the wider team’s experience, to recommend the most effective techniques to address your challenges. For instance, we may suggest generative research techniques like ethnography and contextual enquiry, or evaluative research methods like user testing and competitor review.

We work internationally, as well as locally

It doesn’t matter where you or your users are located, we regularly work internationally. So we can add value to your user research programme whether it involves clocking up airmiles, working with partner agencies, or using remote research tools over the internet.

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