BFC Exchange enhances health and safety


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General health and safety and fire risk assessments aid corporate transition

BFC Exchange Limited (BFC) is a global money transfer and foreign currency exchange business. Our health and safety consultancy services aided the company’s transition towards becoming a fully licensed bank.

“System Concepts’ consultants really understand what we’re trying to achieve, and work with us in a collaborative and informative way.”

David Hayes, Chief Risk Officer, BFC Exchange Ltd


As part of its growth plans, BFC needed to ensure that all operational risk was appropriately managed. It outsourced health and safety risk assessments and fire risk assessments of its retail branch network and HQ, to us.

What we did

  • Health and safety risk assessments (retail branch network and HQ).
  • Fire risk assessments (retail branch network and HQ).
  • Knowledge sharing, training and mentoring of client employee.
  • Reporting aligned with BFC’s operational risk framework.
  • Additional recommendations for improvements.


bfc exchange a-board signOur support helped BFC to rapidly upscale its general business practice, raise health and safety standards, enhance the in-branch environment, and support investment recommendations.

“Where System Concepts came to the fore was in going beyond simply identifying and assessing risks, advising on how to reduce them and hence to achieve even more positive results in the future,” concludes BFC’s David Hayes.


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