WANTED! Accessibility testing participants


Could you help improve digital products?


Have you come across unnecessarily complex digital products? We’re looking for accessibility testing participants to help us make a real difference: and you can earn some cash along the way, too!

At System Concepts, our work often involves checking the usability and accessibility of our clients’ digital products – including systems, websites and apps. To do this, we invite people with a wide range of disabilities (e.g. visual, auditory, motor, cognitive) to participate in remote sessions online or to our testing labs (in central London) for face to face sessions to test these products and give us their views.

Get involved in raising digital accessibility

  • Your feedback’s a big deal. We often test our clients’ products at early stages of development, when there are opportunities for major changes and improvements. Your feedback from the testing sessions is crucial – it can have a real influence on the accessibility of the final products. Ultimately, this means more accessible websites and apps for you and everyone else to use!
  • You can open our clients’ eyes. Some people do not understand how those with disabilities use websites and apps. You can demonstrate to our clients how you access web content. Understanding  how websites and apps are used by people with disabilities can be one of the strongest motivations for clients to improve accessibility.
  • We pay you. Yes, that’s right! Not only will you be making a tangible difference by helping make websites more accessible, you will be paid to do so! We remunerate you for your time. For example, a typical session lasts about 90 minutes: we generally give around £60 – £80 as compensation for accessibility testing participants time.
  • It’s fun, and there’s no commitment: Many of the people who take part in our sessions really enjoy them. You get a sneak peek at brand new websites and apps that haven’t yet been released to the general public. We work flexibly, so you are under no obligation to take part in our accessibility testing sessions: you decide whether you have the time and inclination to participate.

Here’s what a few of our participants had to say:

“As a visually impaired person, I believe strongly in participating in user-testing. If the website works for me then hopefully it will work for loads of others; it’s a great feeling knowing how much your assistance will help others.”

“I love taking part in user testing sessions because it is not very often you seem to come across companies that are actually interested in making their websites accessible.”

“I value being part of a movement to fight against the design geeks that think it’s all about how pretty or slick a product or application looks, but not about functionality and inclusion. Plus I feel respected and valued for my input by being given the financial incentive.”