Our top tips for working at home – Eye Health


Welcome to the seventh article in our series, our top tips for working at home

Next up in our mini-series of infographics is our top 5 tips on Eye Health.

A survey 2021 by Fight for Sight of 2,000 people in the UK found that half of people’s screen time increased during the pandemic, this was not surprising since many face-to-face activities like meetings, training, and socialising  moved online.  We know that staring at the screen of a smart phone, laptop, or tablet can cause what we refer to as ‘digital eye’ – sore, itchy, or tired eyes, headaches, impaired colour perception and temporary blurring, particularly if they are used continuously for long periods of time, if there are reflections on the screen, if the characters are too small, or if there is inadequate contrast.

Here we share our top tips on preventing digital eye…

(alt="Working from home infographic, our top tips for maintaining eye health ")

Speech bubbleYou can download a full copy of the infographic here…

Our Top Tips for working at home; Eye health

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