Our strategic partnership with tillr


We’re streamlining our audits and inspections processes

We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with tillr, the audits and inspections technology specialists. As part of the partnership, our health and safety and ergonomics consultants will be trialing tillr’s software on selected projects, evaluating the benefits of these tools for organisational health and safety management.

Who are tillr?

tillr.io offers a dedicated audit and inspection tool designed to help those in FM roles across a variety of business sectors. The cloud-based software works on mobile and tablet devices as well as on laptop and desktop computers, and is already in use by several large organisations.

Bringing the benefits of smart technology – without the complexity

We’ve been on the lookout for ways to bring the benefits of smart technology to our work.

There’s a common assumption that the more complex a technical solution, the greater the level of assurance it offers. It’s not a view we subscribe to, and we like the fact that the tillr team shares our vision that software can be both innovative yet straightforward to use. And if you achieve both of those things, you bring true business effectiveness within reach.

Technology that simplifies audits and inspections – and slashes paperwork

We’re at the early stages of using the tillr audits and inspections software, and will use our health, safety and ergonomics expertise to help steer further solution enhancements. tillr is at one with our philosophy that one size solutions do not fit all: so they tailor their tools to individual client needs, but without the need for further lengthy software development. This makes its audits and inspections suite cost effective and fast to deploy.

As a result of our strategic partnership with tillr, selected System Concepts clients will benefit from our consultants’ own use of the unique audits and inspections tools. Our goals are to slash paperwork and streamline administrative processes. Meanwhile, our input will help tillr’s drive to continually enhance its software, offering clients an ever more relevant, straightforward and effective technology solution.