5 steps to Risk Assessment: Step 5 – Review

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Welcome to the final step of our risk assessment series – Review…

So far you have identified any hazards, determined who may be harmed, evaluated the risk, put in place control measures and recorded the evidence of your assessment. Our final infographic guides you through the process of when and how to review your assessment when things change…

(alt="5 steps to risk assessment. Step 5 - Review")

Download our guidance on stage 5 – SCL_5_steps_risk_assessment_step5_Review

As part our mini series we explore each stage of the Risk Assessment process…


  1. Identify the hazards
  2. Decide who might be harmed
  3. Evaluate and control risks
  4. Record
  5. Review

Speech bubbleDo you need help with any part of the risk assessment process; from identifying risks to reviewing changes? Get in touch.

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