COVID-19 support for employers

COVID-19 support for employers

We offer a range of COVID-19 services, including specific risk assessments and review of safe operating policies and procedures against the current government and sector guidelines.

Our assurance services provide independent oversight and audit of your existing COVID-19 management strategies and workplace adjustments.

Workplace risk assessments

Our risk assessments help you return to work, ensuring control measures are put in place to eliminate or minimise the risks associated with COVID-19.

Our assessments take account of the latest advice from the UK government and the devolved administrations. We help you ensure that your plans remain effective and responsive to changes in law and guidance.

Policies, procedures and training

We can help you develop or update existing policies to take account of the current situation, develop and deliver training to your employees and design professional training materials and media content to help you educate your employees on how to stay safe.

Auditing your procedures

Our audit will review your systems for managing employee health and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, highlighting areas of good practice and identifying where improvements are needed to ensure employee safety or follow the latest government advice and guidance.

For those continuing to work from home

We provide a range of our services to support people temporarily or permanently working from home, including new and expectant mother assessments, ergonomic home working and stress risk assessments. Our cost-effective recommendations reduce risk and help employees be productive.

Speech bubbleIf you would like help with any aspects of managing your businesses return to work and COVID-19 for your organisation please get in touch.