Usability research delivers value for ActiveStandards

User Experience & Usability

ActiveStandards has utilised UX research to enhance the digital quality management solutions it provides to leading global corporations. We provided valuable insights through a systematic user testing programme.

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It was a really positive and engaging experience for our whole team. Right across the organisation, everyone is much more aware and focused on UX.
Nicola Thompson, Lead Interaction/Visual Designer, ActiveStandards


ActiveStandards’ needed to update the design of its user interface, to enhance the value of its solutions to senior executives and website managers. It sought our help to create a more systematic, structured and insightful user research programme.

laptop computer user researchWhat we did

  • Advised on and implemented a full usability research programme.
  • Participants drawn from ActiveStandards’ client base.
  • Introduced ActiveStandards to specialist interviewing and facilitation techniques.
  • Participative design exercises and interactive workshops utilised.


The research findings improved understanding of users, revealed significant usability issues, and steered a major redesign exercise.

ActiveStandards’ Nicola Thompson summarises, “We’ve tried a number of ways of getting feedback on prototypes, but nothing has given us anything like the kind of value we’ve got from structured, managed user research sessions.”

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