Customer journey mapping: case study

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travellers in busy public transit hubUX drives innovation for Amadeus ePower

Amadeus ePower is a customisable online booking engine used by travel agents and travellers. We undertook customer journey mapping and persona development work to help Amadeus enhance understanding of customer goals, behaviours and experiences.

“Customer journey mapping has changed the way we perceive unmet needs and approach the development process… it’s a game changer for us.”
Tran Dzien Nguyen, Head of Online Solutions for Travel Agencies, Amadeus


process diagram showing customer journey mapping phase
The customer journey mapping and persona development projects were two phases in a wider body of work that we undertook for the Amadeus ePower team.

Amadeus wanted to ensure a UX driven approach to product development, with an understanding of the customer journey central to this. We were commissioned to develop the customer journey mapping and persona development, with a series of research objectives that included:

  1. Understanding the end-to-end customer journeys for travel agents and travellers.
  2. Identifying unmet customer needs, and opportunities to improve customer experiences.
  3. Generating ideas for addressing unmet needs.


What we did

Customer journey mapping

The customer journey mapping work we undertook was completed in a 5 week period, as follows:

  1. Remote interviews and creation of a proto persona.
  2. Creation and facilitation of a 2 day workshop in Istanbul.
  3. Analysis of workshop outputs to create end-to-end customer journey maps.
  4. Creative design work, presenting the customer journey maps in a visually engaging and easy to digest format.

User interviews and persona development

Once the customer journey mapping and subsequent user testing work was completed, our researchers undertook user interviews and persona development work, incorporating:

  1. A pre-session exploration task, followed by a remote user interview session.
  2. Development of personas, and associated opportunities.


The Amadeus ePower team has gained powerful customer journey maps for its two primary user groups, travel agents and travellers.

man analysing notes on glazed doorLarge printed versions of these maps are now prominently displayed in Amadeus offices, helping the team to connect with end users, identify gaps in the ePower offering, and spot opportunities to enhance the customer experience. The maps are integral to internal communications too – with the sales teams, for example – and are a key point of reference for future R&D work at the company.

“Customer journey mapping is a powerful tool. This process has built collective intelligence from across our commercial, developer, and implementation teams, and really has helped pull the team together,” says Tran Dzien Nguyen, Head of Online Solutions for Travel Agencies, Amadeus.

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