Senior UX Consultant

Naomi holds a first-class Masters degree (MDES) in Product Design from Sheffield Hallam University. With a background in co-design research, Naomi has a strong passion for accessible, user-centred design.

After several years of working at a university research institution as a Design Researcher, Naomi has developed a wide range of user centred methodologies and co-design expertise. Working on a variety of projects from product design and manufacturing, all the way to user testing and researching for medical devices, Naomi has experience in all aspects of project work, but particularly on how best to understand user needs.

With a product design background, particularly in healthcare, Naomi is eager to always ensure the user achieves maximum usability with all products. Her passion has now led her to a UX based role ensuring that all users are given a voice and can ensure the successful usability of future products for both users and clients.

Naomi specialises in:

  • User-centred primary research – exploring the extent of user needs through methods such as workshops, focus groups and interviews.
  • Graphic design – conveying aspects such as concept information or research through clear and visual illustrations; making information much more digestible for all stakeholders
  • Product design – including designing key elements and activities for user workshops to gain the best insights and perspectives, as well as being able to identify key design pros and cons