Usability Labs

Two brand new, purpose built user experience research labs for hire.

image gallery of user experience research labs at system concepts

Whether you’re running your own UX research or we’re running it for you, conducting it in purpose built user experience research labs will help you maximise the effectiveness and value of your sessions.

We take usability and accessibility testing seriously, so have invested in two brand new lab testing facilities complete with state-of-the-art, versatile MultiCam® fully integrated HD recording systems, supplied and expertly fitted by Forward Vision Solutions.

multi cam equipment is used in our image gallery of user experience research labs forward vision equipment is used in our image gallery of user experience research labs
MultiCam Systems  Forward Vision Solutions

Available to hire in central London, our labs and observation rooms were created based on years of professional experience.

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Flexibility for all types of usability and accessibility research

The space, equipment and viewing facilities have been designed to ensure that observers get a clear picture of the stimulus (e.g. device, digital prototype, paper prototype, etc.), and participant interactions and reactions.

Our user experience research labs provide a great environment for a wide range of activities:
  • User testing & research
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • User interviews
  • Accessibility research
  • Research  meetings

Central London location

Our labs are accessible, and are located in Central London within easy reach of Kings Cross and St Pancras stations.

Our UX research labs

the latest tech is utilised in our user experience research labs

The labs can be setup to accommodate various types of research, and you have the use of ‘picture in picture’ recording technology for your sessions.

Your team can either watch the research sessions live from the comfort of our air-conditioned observation room, or we can provide secure remote streaming over the internet.

Gallery: 2nd floor UX Research Lab

Gallery: 3rd floor UX Research Lab

You can observe the research:

  1. Live from our observation rooms
  2. Live over a secure internet connection from a remote location
  3. After the sessions are completed, via the recordings we provide


The labs are accessible, and we can also run accessibility testing with participants using a range of assistive technologies, such as screen reading software for visually impaired users.

Our service includes:

  • Meeting and greeting research participants
  • Refreshments (drinks and biscuits for attendees throughout the day)
  • Lab setup
  • Assistive technology (e.g. screen reader) for accessibility testing
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Dedicated observation room for 6 to 8 attendees
  • Dedicated lab support specialist
  • Encrypted USB stick with video and audio recordings in MP4 format
  • 20 minutes setup and packup time before /after your sessions

Range of complementary services available:

  • Participant recruitment
  • Secure remote streaming of sessions over the internet
  • Lunch
  • Mobile and tablet device hire
  • Researcher to moderate the research
  • Note-taker support during the sessions

UX lab hire rates and further details

Visit our dedicated lab hire microsite for full details