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Usability | December 2016

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Expert UCD training on the principles and research methods that underpin effective user centred design

New public training course

We’re happy to announce our new two-day User Centred Design (UCD) public training course, taking place on 30 & 31 March 2017. This two-day course will give you a solid grounding in applying a UCD approach, based on our decades of experience and honed by our expert consultants.

Highlights of this course

  • What user experience and user centred design involve, and why they matter.
  • How and why you should follow an inclusive approach.
  • The advantages of researching and identifying user needs.
  • How to produce design solutions that meet user requirements, and how to evaluate them.
  • How user research fits into the overall UCD process.
  • Become aware of useful skills to enhance user research and day-to-day communication.
  • Learn how to listen, note-take and analyse raw data.

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Course Title: Applying a User Centred Design Approach

Date: 30th & 31st March 2017 | Cost*: £800 | Book online or Contact us

*per person (+VAT)

How we built the ultimate UCD training course

Our user centred design experts have put together the ultimate training course, based on their considerable collective knowledge and experience. In fact, our UCD course has been developed by applying the same user centred design principles advocated in the training itself.

The course development has involved the following key stages of the UCD process:

1. Discover

First we looked at our existing training course and drew on feedback from our trainers who delivered it. We also looked at the feedback we had received from attendees via our training feedback survey, as well as verbal feedback received from participants.

After this, we looked at the course content for similar training offered by our competitors. This helped us identify the strengths of our training course, as well as any gaps that we could further improve on.

2. Create

We decided to start from scratch, rather than going back to our existing training course and looking at what to add / re-do / remove. This made it easier to design a new training course that met the needs of users, as well as our business needs (based on our strengths and expertise). Sometimes iterative development does mean tearing things up and starting from scratch, if it can save time and effort in the long run!

Whilst it’s important to get the content in place, we also wanted to make sure we deliver this course in style. Our trainers (experienced UX consultants) have sought specific training to be engaging trainers. They’ve also attended other UX training courses, partly to continue learning, but also to understand how we can make our courses more practical and relevant to the industry.

3. Evaluate and iterate

While creating the training course, we found various opportunities to test different aspects of it. For instance, we ran a half-day workshop with students at a university focusing on ‘how to facilitate interviews’, which helped us assess the content and the interactive nature of the activity.

We also ran a ‘UX foundations’ public course (half-day) in honour of World Usability Day, which helped us to craft our new two day course while continuing to spread awareness. And we have recently delivered the all new two day training course for one of our trusted clients – and received amazing feedback from attendees. All of this has helped us to fine tune what we believe is now the ultimate user centred design public training course.

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Course Title: Applying a User Centred Design Approach

Date: 30th & 31st March 2017 | Cost*: £800 | Book online or Contact us

*per person (+VAT)