New System Concepts corporate branding adds value for clients

Health and safety | June 2016

Enhancing client communications

If this is the first time you’ve visited our website in a while, you’ll have noticed some big changes since your last visit. The newly developed System Concepts corporate branding and responsive website are far more than just cosmetic changes: we’ve introduced them to enhance the way we communicate, adding value for our clients.

New branding shown on digital devices

Responsive and accessible website

The new website provides a faster, easier to use and more engaging experience – from any device. Accessibility principles have been to the fore, too: we have taken these into account at every stage of site development, ensuring people with disabilities enjoy good access.

New corporate branding shows our true colours

Along with developing our new website, we’ve been taking an in-depth look at our brand, and what it means to our clients.

System Concepts’ new visual brand identity and design style reflect our optimism and ambition, better demonstrating the value of our work and enhancing the effectiveness of our client communications. We’re more focused than ever on delivering expert insights that inspire business confidence.

Our brand values

Our approach is summed-up by our four brand values – assured; innovative; genuine; and enabling – that were distilled through internal staff workshops and client interviews.

Collectively we are: