Health and safety: could your time be better spent?

Health and safety | May 2016

What Ben and Jerry’s teaches us about outsourcing health & safety

Chocolate ice ceamHow many people do you know that make their own ice cream, or grind their own coffee beans?

While some people will enjoy these tasks, most will go to a supermarket and buy a known and trusted brand. For example, you may buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream because they make it better than you ever could. Or perhaps so that you can spend your time doing more productive or creative things – the things that you enjoy.

What’s stopping you from outsourcing?

Many people don’t outsource health and safety because they think that:

  • They can do the work faster than other people could.
  • Consultants won’t know their business sufficiently well.
  • Outsourcing will be expensive.

Imagine that you are carrying out a fire risk assessment for your building… let’s break down what’s involved. You will need to:

  • Understand how to do a fire risk assessment.
  • Understand the law and what best practice is.
  • Carry out a thorough inspection of your premises.
  • Arrange to access and review all the maintenance and testing schedules and records.
  • Obtain information on all the flammable substances on the premises.
  • Understand how the building is evacuated.
  • Find out whether you have people with disabilities.
  • Familiarise yourself with British and International fire standards.
  • Write a report and develop a prioritised action plan, and communicate this to people within your organisation.

Doing all this isn’t particularly hard, it’s just needs competency and time.

What about your day job?

Are you covering everything to do with health and safety yourself, but letting your day job suffer?

While you can’t delegate your responsibility for health and safety, you can delegate the time consuming work that goes with it. Passing on some of the work may not be easy, but it could save you time and allow you to enhance your productivity and creativity.

If you do decide to outsource health and safety, make sure that you buy competent advice from a known and trusted brand: why buy supermarket own brand, when you can get Ben and Jerry’s?

Try this at work

Why not make a resolution on health and safety: every time you consider doing something that really could be handled by someone else, ask, “Is this the absolute best use of my time? And do I know anyone that I could trust to do it better, and get it right?”

Good luck – and let us know how it goes…

The ice cream’s on us

Speech bubbleIf you’d like to discuss outsourcing your health and safety management to a trusted brand, please get in touch – we’ll even provide ice cream to enjoy when we meet.


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