Calling all production and assembly managers

Health and safety | September 2016

A workplace ergonomics tool that will revolutionise your approach

Designing a production and assembly environment that maximises wellbeing and improves human performance is essential to commercial success. Have you got this covered? If not, our industrial ergonomics experts can help.

logo for humantechSystem Concepts’ strategic partnership with Humantech

As the largest workplace ergonomics consulting firm in the US, Humantech provides proven training and assessment tools that are widely used to assess ergonomics risk. Through our strategic partnership with Humantech, we have been deploying its solutions for European clients for several years.

Our consultants specialise in delivering the The Humantech® System – the all-in-one solution for managing workplace ergonomics in production and assembly environments.

Find and fix your high-risk jobs quickly, with our experts at your side

Deploying The Humantech System, our ergonomics experts can help your team to rapidly deploy, monitor, and manage an effective workplace ergonomics process. This combines the use of online training and assessment tools, expert-led site improvement events, and a powerful management database.

The Humantech System® has three key components:


LEARN – with access to 7 interactive online training modules, covering everything from the principles of ergonomics, to design guidelines (you choose the modules appropriate to your teams).
DO – knowledge can be taught, but skills must be practised. Once the online training is finished, your teams will work alongside our professional ergonomists to assess and improve problem jobs.
MANAGE – you can easily monitor your team’s activities, track the status of assessments and improvement plans, and generate reports to help prioritise jobs, e.g. by department, site or business unit.

Discover how The Humantech System® can help improve the management and performance of your production and assembly environments.