A creative future at System Concepts

Health and safety | September 2016

conceptual graphic 2016 to 2018

Looking to the future: Our new brand, website and the addition of creative services.

Ever since System Concepts was established in 1981, we have successfully and consistently anticipated and adapted to change. As technology and regulations have advanced we have developed our expertise to help our clients improve their business productivity and compliance, while enhancing the experiences of their customers and staff.

Improving our clients’ experience

Over recent years we have continued to evolve our consultancy. We’re now better equipped to serve our clients effectively, and to attract new talent. These changes included a major office refurbishment, as well as addressing aspects of the client experience we deliver. We know there’s more work to do, but we are already seeing some exciting results.

This approach is as powerful in improving user experience and usability in digital products and services, as it is in securing better individual and organisational health and safety.

Creative strategy

We have established an excellent reputation among our many clients for delivering innovative and rigorous consulting services. As part of our plan to build on this reputation, we are forging ahead with our creative strategy, including evolving our bold new brand, visual identity and services. The overall aim is to become the first port of call for our clients’ changing consultancy needs, attracting interesting and challenging work that our team enjoy delivering.

New brand and visual identity

brand guidelines document

We’ve taken an in-depth look at ourselves, and talked extensively to our clients about their experience of working with us. This has enabled us to synthesise and articulate what our brand means, resulting in a set of robust values that neatly capture the contemporary, dynamic and engaging brand that is System Concepts.

All this is captured in our brand framework document. This provides a consistent foundation and reference point underpinning our new corporate identity and visual design style, which are now being rolled out across all our client touchpoints. It has also had a profound effect on the way we think and talk about our business.

Re-imagining our website

We worked with West London-based web design agency, Pedalo, to re-imagine and develop our website. It’s fresh, modern and engaging for our clients to use, and provides us with a flexible and powerful platform to communicate our services and brand.

website engagement statistics

The new site is delivering massive improvements for users, as evidenced by recent analytics data. This shows a huge increase in pages per session (the average number of pages viewed during a session on the site) and session duration, and a significant drop in the bounce rate (visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page).

Built with WordPress, the website is accessible and fully responsive, so users enjoy a great experience whatever device they’re using.

Creative Services team established

The introduction of a Creative Services team, with representation at board level, is a major part of System Concepts’ future strategy.

The aim is to:

  • Extend and augment the existing range of UX services to cover UI/UX design, content creation and prototyping.
  • Implement additional ‘creative’ research methods such as participative design, creative workshops and ideation sessions.
  • Take research findings and communicate them visually, demonstrating the effects of recommendations.
  • Provide design briefs to inspire and guide client teams, or to act as an extension of the client’s own creative team
  • Generate ideas and creative solutions to issues that clients may not have thought of themselves.
  • Identify opportunities for new products or services.
  • Identify and develop creative skills within the SCL team.

consultancy team at workDigital strategy

We’re looking at the best ways to integrate technology into our everyday workflow, improving business processes and the way we work, growing our business and building our brand.

We’re also looking at forming partnerships with like-minded organisations. Through collaborations with technology providers like tillr, we will provide a broader range of innovative, technology-based solutions to our clients.

With all this and much more to come we are looking forward to a bright and creative future.