Ergonomics and human factors

Our ergonomics consultants help optimise your operations

Whether you’re interested in manufacturing ergonomics, design ergonomics or workstation ergonomics, our ergonomics consultants can help. Their expert insights will unlock improvements to the way you operate, look after your people and serve your customers.

Ergonomics consultants

What do ergonomics consultants do?

Applying an understanding of people and how they work with a structured, evidence-based approach, ergonomics consultants optimise working environments to improve wellbeing, productivity and efficiency.

Gain clear, usable and cost effective recommendations

We help clients like Nationwide and EY to think differently about what they do, and how they do it. Our specialists can work closely with your team, tailoring their approach to your needs, timescales and budget. You’ll gain clear, usable and cost effective recommendations, and on-going advice.

Industry best practice approach

Our ergonomics consultants understand industry best practice – in fact, System Concepts helped develop international ergonomics standards.

We’ll help you evaluate your designs, plans, prototypes and mock-ups against relevant ergonomics regulations. Our services can also include testing the usability and accessibility of equipment with specific user groups.

Benefits of ergonomics

  • Save time and money, eliminating unsuitable workplace products or layouts early on, and avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Improve productivity, wellbeing and comfort.
  • Reduce sickness absence and compensation claims.