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User Experience & Usability

Our UX team’s always up for a challenge. So when a leading multi-national professional services client talked to us about a failing e-learning product, we jumped in with both feet. “Sure, we’ll create a web native and Android- and iOS-compatible mobile app that addresses your issues!” we said.

SCL Ergo app home page on laptopCreating the workplace of the future

The client’s e-learning app formed part of its efforts to move towards the concept of the ‘workplace of the future’. Essentially, this involves creating the infrastructure and culture to support flexible working – encompassing a wide variety of working environments and contexts (at home, while travelling, at third party premises, in hot desking areas, using standing desks etc.).

The problem: an outdated, unengaging app

The client’s e-learning app was designed to assist its employees in setting-up and/or optimising their work areas. The problem was that it just wasn’t achieving employee buy-in: take-up was a lowly 20%. Hardly surprising perhaps, when the consensus was that the app was outdated and unengaging for users.

Web & Native apps

SCL Ergo app; example steps

We started by developing prototypes to demonstrate our proposed designs, as well as the proposed look and feel of the app. Rather than a formalised/mandatory approach, we sought to create a complementary solution that users would warm to – an easily accessible quick reference guide that they would find genuinely useful.

Each section involved taking the user through a step by step process, using visual prompts supported by short text descriptions. The sections were developed using straightforward user questionnaires, with instructions on how to get assistance where problems were identified.

Having a clearly established process for this challenge ensured that expectations were clearly understood, and that we and our client had a mutual understanding of the project requirements and end point. Getting the content right was key, and it was the subject of extensive liaison and discussion.

Naturally, we placed a lot of emphasis on testing the app with users. We ran testing sessions with 15 users, and produced a full UX report that was presented back to the developers. After fine-tuning some of the language/terminology and calls to action, we were ready to present it to our client.

Next steps

SCL ergo app home page on laptop and mobileThe client is currently completing final security testing on the app, before it is made available to employees via their corporate app store. It’s important to drive adoption with a proactive approach, and we will be assisting the client with communications campaign ideas to help maximise take-up.

We’re now preparing to launch a generic, System Concepts branded version of the app for employees everywhere, as well as looking at offering a wider suite of health and safety e-learning solutions.

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