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User Centred Design Strategy

User Centred Design Strategy

We work with clients throughout the design lifecycle to ensure that the user is at the centre of their product design process. 

How we can help

Whether you are developing websites or washing machines, sales desks or a sales process – designing them around what the user needs will result in a better product.

We can help you design a strategy to focus your development and delivery teams on what the user wants and needs and deliver this strategy at any level, from a single project right through to an organisation wide plan.

Integrating user centred design into your development process:

  • ensures a consistent, engaging user experience
  • improves customer satisfaction and retention
  • improves buy-in to designs by all stakeholders
  • increases sales 
  • reduces development times and costs.

Our approach

We work with our client teams to understand as much as we can about their plans and processes.  For example, we like to know about what the business goals are and what the current priorities are for the organisation, how the user experience is likely to fit into current marketing and product development plans and processes.  We then work with you to better understand you users and involve them in your design processes.  This may include:

  • Developing a vision for how the organisation wants their users to experience their service e.g. the most secure, the quickest and clear goals
  • Analysing what skills and changes are required across the organisation and any products that are required to meet user experience goals
  • Identifying what is already known about the users and how significant gaps in that knowledge can be addressed
  • Developing a training or development plan for involving cross departmental teams in the development of tactical action plans to achieve this vision
  • Defining how and what will be measured in order to monitor progress towards user experience goals.

What you get

We can help you present your strategy in a variety of ways to suit your organisational style and your audience.  Interactive workshops, training courses, user-friendly documents and highly visual presentations including videos and user profiles can all be used to successfully communicate key messages and motivate managers and developers.

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System Concepts works as a key part of the team and brings considerable experience to the design process.

Jesus Lopez, Engineering Manager, Hewlett Packard

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