Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer, or offer other services, every organisation can use design to improve the way it operates, looks after its people, and serves its customers. This is what our ergonomics and human factors consultants are expert at. We apply our understanding of people and how they work to optimise your working environment or product/service.

Using a structured, evidence-based approach, our ergonomics consultants can help you to improve wellbeing, productivity and efficiency. The insights and authoritative advice we offer are independent of all equipment suppliers and manufacturers, so you can:

  • Avoid bias when recommending equipment
  • Raise buy-in of staff and other key stakeholders.


  • Save time and money, eliminating unsuitable products or layouts early on, and avoiding costly mistakes
  • Improve productivity, wellbeing and comfort
  • Reduce sickness absence and compensation claims.

Our ergonomics insights can provide wider corporate benefits too, like identifying hidden risks. You’ll gain consistency across your regional/global offices, boost the contribution of health and safety interventions, and confirm compliance with national and international standards.

Our approach

Our experienced ergonomics consultants work closely with your team, tailoring their approach to meet your needs, timescales and budget. You’ll gain clear, usable and cost effective recommendations, and we can provide on-going advice to ensure you get the best from your new designs.

System Concepts helped develop international ergonomics standards, so our experts understand industry best practice, and evaluate your designs, plans, prototypes and mock-ups against relevant ergonomics regulations. Our services can also include testing the usability and accessibility of equipment with specific user groups, including people with disabilities.