Accessibility and Disability management

Your organisation needs to be accessible to people with disabilities, and to prevent discrimination against them: it’s good for business, as well as being a legal requirement of the UK Equality Act 2010. Our experts will help you turn this to your advantage, understanding and meeting your legal responsibilities, while harnessing the many wider potential benefits.

We deliver evidence based expert insights, helping you to clearly identify any barriers or hazards to access for people with disabilities, and providing pragmatic, cost-effective recommendations for change. 

If your company offers services to the public, you have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to make these services available to disabled people. This includes taking into account the physical features of your premises.

What are the benefits of better accessibility?

Rather than thinking of any costs associated with making your services fully accessible, look at the potential to retain and win more business. An assessment by one of our experts is quicker and lower cost than you might expect: it can take as little as one day. And better access benefits every type of potential customer: parents with prams and older people for instance, as well as disabled people.

By working with you to address accessibility, our consultants help you to protect your organisation against the reputational and financial damage of accessibility related claims. By complying with the Equality Act, you’ll also remove employment barriers, enhancing your corporate image and attracting the best possible talent to your workforce.

Our accessibility experts can even help you reduce costs – for instance, by identifying major issues in new buildings early in the design stage, averting the need for expensive modifications later in the process.

Our approach

Our team’s value lies not only in its collective qualifications and experience, but in its approach. We provide expert insights by first taking the time to understand your business. You might need an accessibility audit, expert advice, an individual ‘reasonable adjustment’ assessment, policy advice, or help with writing procedures – our service range covers all of these.

Accessibility is multi-dimensional – it’s not only about the Equality Act. We use structured checklists that take account of other important factors like building regulations, industry best practice and British Standards. Equally, our consultants are familiar with a range of disabilities (motor, visual, auditory and neuro-diverse) and access barriers.

Summary: improve accessibility today

While legal and regulatory compliance is mandatory, accessibility can also be a real opportunity for your business. We provide expert, clear and easy to use assessments, with business focused and cost effective recommendations – and can back this up with ongoing support.