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Procurement Ergonomics

Procurement Ergonomics

We provide ergonomics advice in the early stages of procurement projects, to ensure project managers purchase the most suitable equipment for their staff, clients and customers. 

We can help you make sure that your investment in furniture and IT equipment (from laptops and tablet PCs to desks and checkouts):

  • is cost effective
  • meets appropriate standards
  • is safe and comfortable to use in the working environment.

By working closely with project teams we gain a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and goals, allowing us to create a bespoke approach for each project.  


System Concepts' authoritative advice is independent of all equipment suppliers and manufacturers, which:

  • avoids bias when recommending equipment
  • improves buy-in of staff and other key stakeholders.

The ergonomics approach to procurement ensures that the equipment purchased is effective, efficient and meets the needs of the user and so:

  • saves time and money by eliminating unsuitable products early on and avoiding costly mistakes
  • improves productivity, wellbeing and comfort
  • reduces absence and compensation claims
  • provides consistency across regional/global offices
  • ensures compliance with national and international standards.

Our approach

We meet the client’s requirements and their goals by working closely with key stakeholders to understand:

  • how, where and when equipment will be used and who will be using it
  • specific business and process requirements.

We then use ergonomics standards, anthropometric databases and our experience of ergonomics best practice to:

  • develop procurement templates for specific equipment types
  • evaluate responses from manufacturers
  • visit showrooms and assess products
  • choose an inclusive range of products.

Our experience covers:

  • all types of furniture, display screen equipment, portable work equipment and specialised work tools.
  • a huge range of work environments including bank branches, reception areas, offices, control rooms, trading desks and hospitals
  • the development of international standards for ergonomics which helps us effectively apply the relevant standards to client's procurement projects.

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Our Clients Say

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System Concepts has a helpful, consultative style which promotes engagement and co-operation on the shop floor.

Dr Paul Kanas, Head of Occupational Health, Cadbury

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