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DSE Workstation Assessment Software

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Time is a precious thing. Never waste it

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Time is one of the most precious resources we have, particularly if you are responsible for ensuring that Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users have the right setup, training and assessment at work.

It can be a daunting challenge to assess hundreds of employees, prioritise issues, procure equipment and ensure assessments are kept up to date.

As ergonomics consultants we have noticed an increasing trend for medium to large organisations to move away from the traditional model of individual assessment towards a software-based approach, which makes good ergonomics and economic sense.

  • It frees up resources to concentrate on higher-risk areas.
  • It increase employee awareness of ergonomics by putting some of the ownership of workstation-related issues into the hands of DSE users themselves.

What do software-based DSE assessment packages do?

The typical features of a software-based package include online training and self-assessment for each DSE user, which usually takes less than 40 minutes to compete. The system:

  • stores completed training records and assessments on a database that can be accessed by administrators.
  • ranks assessments by risk, so employees who have flagged up issues can be prioritised for immediate follow up by a trained assessor.

In practice, at least 50% of all completed assessments will fall into the “low risk” category, indicating that they do not need follow up.  Of the remaining 50% only around 10% will be “high risk”, indicating that some immediate action is required.

The more comprehensive software solutions are highly customisable, allowing users to resolve simple issues themselves by procuring equipment (e.g. screen risers and footrests).  The range of equipment available can be carefully selected to minimise costs, allowing low-cost solutions to be purchased automatically but flagging up cases where more expensive solutions are needed.  The assessment itself can also be customised to different types of DSE user, such as homeworkers, mobile workers, laptop users, etc.

What are the benefits of software-based DSE assessment solutions?

Software solutions save time and free up health and safety personnel to focus their efforts on other safety-critical aspects of their role.

In summary, the most important benefits are that DSE software:

  • improves compliance by ensuring assessments are completed more quickly
  • increases awareness of ergonomics
  • allows users to take ownership of minor issues and find solutions
  • allows assessors to prioritise users at the highest risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders
  • saves time as at least 50% of users will not need follow-up
  • allows organisations to easily track and manage issues
  • highlights areas of risk (e.g. specific workstations or job roles)
  • is flexible and customisable to business needs
  • saves all assessment records in one place for auditing and review.

For more information on finding the right DSE assessment software for your business please contact us.


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