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Ikea or bust: why usability research is vital for omnichannel success

Infographic: the Omnichannel experience

Our omnichannel Infographic illustrates the scale of the opportunity for retailers, and why research is vital to designing a great customer experience. Read more...

Are your icons usable and accessible? 6 tips for better icon use in apps and online

Are your icons usable and accessible?

Real world examples and expert tips on the use of icons in apps and online, from usability and accessibility specialist Sophie Buda. Read more...

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Airline website accessibility deadline looms
We assessed the accessibility standards of four European airline websites, to see if they are on track to be WCAG 2.0 level AA compliant by December 2015
Improve your Website Usability
‘Shrink and stick’ treatment of website navigation bars is popular. A few key questions, and smart user testing, can ensure it helps not hinders usability.
Calling all production and assembly managers
System Concepts presents and supports The Humantech System in the UK and Europe. This offers you professional ergonomics tools with expert insights.
ISO 45001 standard brings leadership into focus
The first internationally agreed standard for health and safety is to be introduced in October 2016. ISO 45001 focuses on leadership, replacing OHSAS 18001.
Weird workplaces… a boost for business?
Media coverage highlights the attractions of quirky workplaces. A holistic approach to workplace design, with a professional ergonomics approach, is critical.

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